Thai Express

After undivided love for Chinese cuisine, I tried the Japanese cuisine…started with the sushi and loved it. The next oriental adventure was Thai. ‘Thai Express’ is the newest of the chains and yes it is in Hyderabad 🙂
Vibrant yet subtle interiors and a very interesting menu; speaking of which, I think we can take a leaf out of the Thai Express’s menu about it being so well organized with relevant pictures of the dishes neatly numbered corresponding to the aunthentically nomenclatured dishes. Boy! you really wanna ‘read’ & ‘see’ your dish before place an order you havent tried yet 🙂 The must-eat are the soft shell crabs which is under the ‘street food section’. They serve it with a tiny portion of green ‘chutney’ and four amazing dips to go with it. For the main course I tried and loved the ‘phad thai gai‘which is the authentic rice noodles with chicken. Sprinkle the ground peanuts and red chilli flakes & throw in a few tespoons of those sauces. If this is your first thai cuisine experience, then your palate is bound to discover some cool new flavours. The watermelon slush was perfect for the hot afternoon setting! You could try the same ‘phad thai‘ with ‘talay‘ ie with sea food. Sigh, gonna try out the red, yellow and green gravies soon!

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