Baigan Bharta…

This would be my treatment to one of the very common traditional Indian household dishes. We wanted a vegetarian meal for the dinner and there you go, some roasted eggplant, tossed in scrambled eggs. Here is what you need:
4 small brinjals
2 small onions
3 large pods of garlic
1 large green chilli
Smear some mustard oil on the brinjals and place then directly on your stove. Do not fork holes on the skin and let it roast evenly on all sides. When you notice that they have deflated slightly, you know they have been cooked to perfection. Now immerse them in a bowl of water, as they cool gently peel out the thin epidermis and mash the naked bulbs with a fork. Keep aside.
Now heat 2 tbl spoons of mustard oil and fry the chopped onions, garlic and chilli (you might wanna take in the aroma here). Add the mashed brinjals to it and let the flavours meet. Now break one egg into it and scramble it up…add salt to taste. Now saute it for about a min.
Serving suggestions:
You could sprinkle some freshly chopped corriander. Its flavour with the roast brinjal’s is just something that lingers in your palate. I just added those tiny pods of onion!
Tastes Perfect with white rice or chappati. ‘Mast Khao!’
Also, even if you avoid the egg content to suit ur needs…it tastes great!!…This one is for you Dimps!

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