Cheese at Noir

Cafe Noir, UB city rooftop, Bangalore. Must visit. We had a few American friends in town and they asked for us to take them to a nice French/Italian place for lunch. I didnt think twice before I recommended Cafe Noir. Us girls had been there once for some quiche and coffee kind of thing, Loved it. It’s not the snooty fine dining French restaurant you’d expect it to be. Extremely friendly staff, quick and efficient service even on a weekend, great view and to top it all great food!
I’m actually just back from lunch, a pretty long one mind you, considering our friends who were blown away and declared it the best food they’ve had in Bangalore (well, second best, Citrus buffet brunch being the first).We ordered the cheese platter to begin with and this was the highlight of the lunch, no, make that the entire weekend. Now I may not be able to tell my cheeses apart, but I knew what I ate today was an experience in my mouth.
It was a beautiful platter of all kinds of cheese, some I dont remember, some I can’t pronounce. The ones I can articulate were the ones that turned out to be my favourites. Brie, goat cheese, mozzarella, blue cheese. Ah! dairy-heaven. All we needed was a bottle of Chardonay. Spread some of that blue cheeseon a piece of baguette and enjoy. Even try the brie with a piece of strawberry, feels like sin. We couldn’t stop moaning afer every bite. We tried not to over do it and get ourselves thrown out. But there’s no other way to describe the feeling. I think we stopped speaking for a bit.
I think wine and cheese is not over-rated. It’s fun with your friends and a great expreience on it’s own. Do try it. You’ll make a day of it. Any restaurant, any city, good friends 🙂
Watch this space for desserts at Noir. Coming soon! 😉

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