We Love Food…food makes us happy!

Today has been an absolute monochromatic day at work…one of those days when nothing on your screen seems relevant and your clients take a day off and you feel you are better off else where…in such days, the quench for a scrumptious meal is even more…you know there is an urge to make the day productive! I am not sure if its a gift or a disorder, but I just know exactlly what taste my pallet is craving for; I happen to be surfing Donna Hay’s official website too, looking for some budget recipe for my bro’s birthday brunch. I stumbled upon RIBS…and I knew that it is a craving for jack daniel’s pork ribs from tgif.
They serve you with a good portion and a some divine tasting onion rings with an amrit patram (kinda like an abyss) of the JD sauce. Hmmm…so next time you get a chance, please do not forget to try out the right ribs 😉
I had a super chilled out lunch and rushed back for my brief business meeting. For some reason, enjoyed the ribs today even more, guess there is always a way food finds to make your day.

Coming up next is some tried and tasted good chinese dishes…but with a hint of our touch. Have fun!

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