Lemon Bars

Most of my baking recipes come from my favorite Joy of Baking. They work best for me. This time I happened to see a particular recipe for ‘lemon bars’. As I read though the recipe I realized these were pretty easy to make and I absolutely love anything lemony. I had to try this out. So I did, and I can say this rather confidently that it was a hit. I made them for a friend’s baby shower (lot of women to be pleased there!).

It has a crumbly buttery shortbread base topped with smooth, sweet and lemony goodness. Perfect for ones with or without a sweet tooth. Well, I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t have one!

Ingredients for shortbread crust:
½ cup unsalted butter at room temperature
¼ cup icing sugar
1 cup flour
A pinch of salt

Ingredients for the lemon filling:
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp flour

Preheat your oven to 180C, grease and line an 8 inch baking pan with butter paper at the bottom.
Shortbread crust: Beat the butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the flour and salt. Combine till it all comes together. Press this into the baking pan and bake for 20 minutes. Let it cool while you get on with the lemon filing.

Lemon filling:
Whisk the sugar and eggs till smooth and fluffy. Add the lemon juice and mix well. Fold in the flour. Pour this onto the cooled shortbread crust and bake for 30 minutes or till the filling has set. Let it completely cool down (please). Now cut them into bars and I’d suggest a generous dusting of icing sugar. Make it look like it snowed.

Serve whenever however!

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