‘Khapa’ …a chicken preparation from the Garo Hills

This was a learning during my visit to Assam a year ago. It is primarily a dish cooked in the Garo Hills in the North Eastern part of our country. My aunt follows the instructions to the tee to cook this dish. But believe you me, I couldn’t possibly get myself to cook it the same way. You will know why…keep reading on.


250 gms chicken

200 gms of Green Chilli

2 large pinch of cooking soda with salt to taste


Grind the entire bunch of green chillies to get a smooth paste, add the chicken and then keep aside for about 20 mins. (Well the deal is that you are supposed use the same quantity of green chilli as that of Chicken! so yea..I couldn’t follow the instructions to the tee). Now in a hot wok, throw in the green chilli paste with the boneless chicken. Do not add any water or oil, hence you got to make sure that you are going to lid the preparation and wait around for the pieces to have been cooked evenly. Now add the large pinch of cooking soda into the wok and let it cook for a min or two.

Yes, you are done…I mean…cooking…serve it with plain boiled white rice 🙂

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