Margherita at Citrus (Leela Palace)

4pm and hungry, when all restaurant kitchens close. Upasana and I needed our dose of carbohydrates for the evening. We were at the old airport road. Not willing to cave and step into a barista or café coffee day the obvious choice at that moment seemed Citrus. We’ve had some really good meals there before. We thought we couldn’t go wrong. I guess we did. It wasn’t much that we had ordered. Just a pizza margherita and some coffee. I was really disappointed with the pizza. Dry and lifeless, there was no zing to it. But it did have a good punch of basil flavor. The tomato sauce did nothing for me and it definitely fell short of nice gooey stringly cheese. Coffee was also average. Full marks for lunch and dinners but not for quick bites in the evening. For just the coffee and pizza we shelled out Rs 1000.

Pallavi Shastry.

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