(not so) Boozy chicken
BBQ chicken wings
Potato skins with bacon
Pizza Margherita

God bless Bangalore and its pub culture. AND the good people who started Toit, for keeping the culture alive. Did I mention they also house a micro-brewery? They do. But unfortunately they haven’t gotten their licenses yet, so we have to wait for a bit longer to taste some freshly brewed beer. But we can still talk about the food. It looked pretty cool I must say. Inside out. Lots of wood and lots of space! We were 4 and chose the non-smoking section on the upper floor. Nice round booths with camel toned couches. Pictures of old Bangalore adorning the walls seemed a little familiar (corner house). Our super friendly waiter seemed keen to wait on us. We ordered for cheesy potato skin with bacon, batter fried calamari and chicken wings. Potato skins were good, not out of this world but good. Calamari was very good. Crisp yet keeping the calamari soft inside. But the winner was the chicken wings. No arguments there. Sticky, spicy, sweet and juicy. We were on the cusp of embarrassing ourselves by ordering 3 of them. We did order 3, may be the fourth would’ve been embarrassing. Moving on. We actually couldn’t move on. Or move for that matter. All the starters seemed to fill us up pretty good. That’s precisely why we ordered just 2 main course dishes. One boozy chicken and one pizza margherita. Boozy chicken was good. Creamy but not ‘boozy’ exactly. But I must mention that the chicken was cooked extremely well. The pizza was alright. I’ve had better. But I wouldn’t complain either. Hearty portions of cheese and basil were the saving grace of this margherita. We finished with a tiramisu. Absolutely delightful. It was indeed tiramisu unlike its pitiful versions available elsewhere. So that’s about it. Really fun and delicious pub lunch at a reasonable price. All this for the four of us cost less than Rs 2000. Great place to hang out with friends over some beer and not to forget the chicken wings 😉


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