Scrambled eggs and Chorizo breakfast

chorizo scrambled eggs

chorizo scrambled eggs

This breakfast brought me pure joy. Chorizo with scrambled eggs and some bread is one of the few comfort foods that packs so much flavour, which makes it perfect for Sunday breakfast or brunch. What’s even better is that it takes barely a few minutes to whip this up. A cup of hot filter coffee and a plate of this is the best way to kick start your day.  My original plan was to make eggs and ham sandwich. But the place where I ordered it from called me just before delivery time saying they’ve ran out of ham and that they had breakfast sausages (no way I’m eating that flavourless piece of nothing) and chorizo. What a chorizo it was! A nice kick of spice and enough fat to cook my eggs in later. And since I didn’t have any cream with me, I used coconut milk in my scrambled eggs for that silky smooth and creamy texture. It’s terrible when scrambled eggs are overcooked and rubbery.


Note: I ordered the chorizo from Zappfresh


3 portions


Chorizo – 4 sliced up

Eggs – 6 whisked in a bowl

Coconut milk – 1/4 cup

Salt and pepper for the eggs – to taste

chorizo scrambled eggs


Toss the chorizo slices on to a hot nonstick pan on high heat.

Just when you see the fat from it render, lower the heat to medium. Should take just 2-3 mins.

In another 2-3 mins you’ll see the chorizo getting some colour on it. Take it off the heat and transfer the pieces into a bowl/plate. Don’t drain the fat from the pan.

Mix salt, pepper and coconut milk with the eggs and mix till incorporated.

Pour into the same pan you cooked the chorizo in. Medium heat.

As soon as you pour the eggs in there, wait for a minute and then slowly move the spatula across and around to gently scramble. No quick movements to scare the eggs away, please.

It’ll take 2-3 mins here. Reduce heat if you think the pan is getting too hot. The scramble turns out much better with lower heat.

Now it should be fluffly and soft. Take it off the heat and immediately serve with chorizo and toast or plain buttered bread.


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