Breakfast pita pockets with Peri Peri hummus and eggs

breakfast pita pockets

These are the result of leftover hummus from the previous day. There was pita bread and eggs as well. So breakfast seemed like the ideal makeover for these leftovers. Hummus has become so popular today that most restaurants are serving it with chicken, veggies and more. I made a hummus a couple of ways – beetroot and Peri Peri. Peri Peri is easy. Just swirl regular hummus with some of the sauce and you have Peri Peri hummus. It’s easily spreadable inside pita and with some eggs, it makes for a great breakfast!

breakfast pita pockets

breakfast pita pocket

(Peri Peri hummus)

2016-08-15-10-57-39Recipe for Peri Peri hummus


2 portions


Pita bread – 2

Peri Peri (or regular) hummus –  3 tbsp for each pita (more or less)

Eggs – 4 scrambled

Coriander leaves and shredded cabbage for garnish


Toast pita breads on a pan with a few drops of olive oil.

Cut open the pita bread gently so you don’t tear it.

Scoop the hummus and spread it in the pita.

Now sprinkle some coriander leaves.

Top that with half of the scrambled eggs, saving the other half for the second pita.

Garnish with some shredded cabbage. I used the purple kind.

Serve hot!


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