Waffles with stewed cinnamon apples


The original plan was to make apple cinnamon pancakes. That quickly changed to waffles because I’d made pancakes a couple of weeks ago and it had been a few months since the waffle maker saw the light of day. I bought the waffle maker from Flipkart during one of their big sales. It was quite a bargain – Rs. 900 I think. The brand is Lifelong.


I’ve been asked a couple of times after I’d posted the waffle pictures on social media for waffle maker recommendations. Now, I wouldn’t know what you’re looking for exactly in a waffle maker – cooking nature, shape, sturdiness, etc. This one does its job decently for something that gets used only once a few months. The only complain I have is that it doesn’t help crisp up the waffles. It browns really well and cooks through perfectly. I suggest, look around some more.


The first time I tried waffles weren’t all that bad. But they were denser than I’d wanted them to be and not as browned. This time I poured just half a ladle of batter so it doesn’t fill the waffle maker. It browned perfectly well and looked like one of those hipster waffles from a hipster cafe. Top them with anything you’d like. I picked apples because I had them. Caramelized bananas work great too. Or simply some warm honey with cinnamon or maple syrup even.


Yield: 6 waffles

Prep + cooking time: Approximately 20 mins


Flour – 1 cup

Milk – 3/4 cup

Baking powder – 2 tsp

Egg – 1 (yolk and white separated)

Any oil – 1/3 cup

Vanilla – 1 tsp

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Salt – a pinch

Honey – a dash

Butter – to brush the waffle maker


First things first – turn the waffle maker on.

Mix dry ingredients and keep it aside.

In a mixing bowl whisk the yolk and the milk to it, continuing whisking.

Add oil, honey and vanilla. Mix well.

Slowly fold in the dry ingredients into the wet ones. Don’t over mix. If the batter looks lumpy, let it be. You don’t need a smooth batter.

In another dry bowl (wipe out any moisture) whisk the egg white till it forms soft peaks. You could whisk with a fork as well.

Fold the egg white into the batter carefully. What you’re doing is incorporating more air into the batter so the waffles aren’t dense, but light inside.

A silicone brush at this point would be great. You need to dip it in melted/room temperature butter and brush it inside the waffle maker. If you don’t have the brush, just use a spoon to drop some butter at the corners and centre.

Take half a ladle of batter and pour it in the center of the waffle maker’s squares. Don’t wait for it to spread out. Just close the lid and pray for it to work.

When the light turns green on the maker, lift the lid. Brush some more butter on the waffles and close the lid for another 2 mins. This helps it brown some more.

For the apple topping:

Chop up an apple. Toss the pieces into a saucepan with a knob of butter and a tbsp of sugar.

Add a tbsp of cinnamon as well.

Let it cook out for 5-7 mins or as per your liking.

Pour it on top of the warm waffles.

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