Easy egg dosae recipe

egg dosae

Egg dosae because I’ve moved on from sweet breakfasts every Sunday like waffles, French toast and the likes. I wouldn’t mind the sugar rush occasionally but I sure don’t want it every Sunday. That’s why I’ve been on a dosae streak of late. Every Sunday we have dosae with chutney or leftover curry. I for one go on to have dosae for lunch as well. Why wouldn’t I, when it goes perfectly well with any kind of chicken or mutton curry? But I must admit, I don’t make the batter at home from scratch. There are plenty recipes online and you don’t need one more repeating the same thing, trust me. But no, I don’t use ready to use powders. Instead, I get my batter from the local shops. They’re nothing short of what we make at home.

Last week a few people on Twitter talked about different kinds of dosae. One stood out and reminded me of the ones you get in Bangalore by the streets. Egg dosae. How could I not have made this earlier?! Well, I finally caught up.



Dosae batter – one ladle per dosa

Eggs – 1 per dosa

Chilli powder – a pinch

Pepper powder – a pinch

Salt to taste



Whisk eggs and keep aside.

On a hot nonstick griddle/tava pour a ladle of the batter and spread it out to create a thin dosae.

Cover with a lid and let it cook for a minute.

Take off the lid and quickly pour one whisked egg on top of the dosae. Sprinkle with chilli and pepper powder along with salt to taste.

Cover and let the steam cook the egg. It would take just 30-40 seconds.

Take the lid off and slid the dosae on to a plate.

Repeat for more.

Serve with chicken/veg curry or spicy chutney.

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