Overnight malted muesli and oats


The first time I had overnight muesli was when Au Bon Pain opened up in Bangalore. It was creamy and delicious. But I’ve hardly made it at home myself.¬†Yesterday was a long day and I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. I did the crawling to bed part and then it hit me that I could simply prep for breakfast the next morning. It’d be so easy to just put things together in a jar, leave it in the fridge and take it to work in the morning. Easy, healthy and so delicious!


I’ve seen so many recipes that just didn’t appeal to me. For starters, I don’t like the combination of dahi and oats/muesli. Our dahi doesn’t cut it out for me in this breakfast dish. It has to either be plain Greek yoghurt or at least a vanilla one. Otherwise, milk is my safest bet. And I went with it. To make it a tad more tasty I added some Horlicks to it. That’s why it’s ‘malted overnight muesli and oats’. To sweeten it I added date jaggery. You could use honey as well. Top it with nuts if you’d like. Although, I didn’t have any so I added some granola for texture.




1 portion

Prep time:

5 mins

Cooking time:

No cooking, only overnight soaking!


Muesli – 3/4 cup (I used the sugar free kind)

Instant oats – 1/4 cup

Flax seeds – 2 tsp

Chia seeds – 1 tsp

Horlicks – 1 tbsp

Milk – 3/4 cup

Date jaggery or honey – 1 tsp

Granola – to crumble on top

Nuts – optional


In a jar or a bowl, tip all the ingredients in except the date jaggery/honey, granola and nuts.

Add milk, mix and cover it. Leave it in the fridge overnight.

Next morning, top it with date jaggery/honey, granola and nuts.

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