Grilled Cheese and Bacon Jam Sandwich

Bacon Jam Sandwich

My previous post was about bacon and onion jam. The one following it had to be something I made with the bacon jam, right? It’s a good old grilled cheese, of course. This is when carbs and fat hangout together to give you a piece of heaven. The bacon sandwich is just right with its saltiness from bacon and sweetness from the onions. I used regular cheese slices you get in the market. But if you have good cheddar or even mozzarella, your sandwiches would be even better. Alternately, you could just toast bread and top it with the jam and place the cheese just on top, broil it in the oven for 3-4 mins or till cheese has melted over the jam.

Bacon Jam Sandwich

Bacon Jam Sandwich

Not just a plain cheese sandwich, you can add this jam to your burgers and even pizzas. You can also add it to pasta and even salads if you’re feeling a little indulgent. Bacon does make everything better.

Bacon Jam Sandwich

Bacon Jam Sandwich


1 sandwich

Prep time:

5 mins

Cooking time:

3-4 mins


Bread slices – 2

Cheese slices – 2

Bacon and onion jam – 1 tbsp (or more!)

Butter – 1 tsp


Evenly spread the bacon jam on one bread slice.

Top it with the two cheese slices and place the other bread slice on top of it.

Butter both sides of the breads on the outside.

Heat a nonstick pan and place the sandwich in it on medium heat.

Let it brown on one side for about a minute.

Flip it and let the other side brown.

Take it off the heat and cut it in the middle.

Eat hot so the cheese is still soft and melty.

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