The Best Chocolate Layer Cake


chocolate cake

Dark, rich and insanely chocolatey chocolate cake. Sandwiched with luscious, creamy, light and smooth buttercream frosting…. Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about a layered chocolate cake while at work or while watching TV with your mind wandering off to bakery land. I might have fallen in love with baking and baking with chocolate every since I watched Nigella Lawson (fell in love with her too) smoothed a cake with her finger and licked the frosting off it. I’m getting carried away over here. All I’m saying is, a good layered chocolate cake is the most indulgent and decadent dream that makes one incredibly happy. This cake though is just as easy as dreaming of it.

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Chicken curry in ground spices with curry leaves

ground spices

It sure is a challenge to find different ways of turning an ordinary chicken curry into a Sunday special curry. Besides, I look forward to Sunday curries – chicken or mutton. Having said that, I did make this Sunday’s chicken curry a tad special with freshly ground spices and curry leaves. I pictured in my mind a curry that’s dark in colour and deep in flavour. The colour I thought would come from whole pepper and curry leaves to give it a fragrant kick. And of course, I deseeded the Kashmiri chillies I used. It’s always better that way for me – all the colour and flavour, not too much of the heat. With some piping hot rice, my husband lapped it all up!

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Spaghetti in roasted pumpkin and tomato sauce


When I made roasted pumpkin soup a couple of months ago, I had a revelation with roasted pumpkin. I don’t know why I never always made a batch and refrigerated it. Correcting that now. I roasted a kilo of pumpkin cubes to use multiple times. Just cube pumpkin into bite sized pieces and roast in an oven at 180 degrees C for 45 minutes. Coming to this dish, I started off making a basic marina (tomato + lots of garlic) for spaghetti. While I was pureeing the tomatoes I realized I didn’t have enough for two portions of spaghetti. I quickly remembered I had the pumpkin in the fridge. I added two cups of the roasted cubes into the tomato puree and then cooked it out some more with some basil and paprika.

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Overnight malted muesli and oats


The first time I had overnight muesli was when Au Bon Pain opened up in Bangalore. It was creamy and delicious. But I’ve hardly made it at home myself. Yesterday was a long day and I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. I did the crawling to bed part and then it hit me that I could simply prep for breakfast the next morning. It’d be so easy to just put things together in a jar, leave it in the fridge and take it to work in the morning. Easy, healthy and so delicious!

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Cheese waffles and eggs | Savoury waffles recipe


I must admit, this plate of food looked so gorgeous it was hard to run a knife through it. When I’d think of waffles I always picture them with loads of fruits and syrup dripping down the edges. But this time around I wanted to make some savoury ones. I didn’t do much except for add grated cheese in the batter along with some paprika and thyme. It tasted great but I should have made smaller ones so it’d crisp up better. Anyway, I topped each of them with a fried and a side of cherry tomatoes.

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Classic chocolate chip cookies


These are classic cookies. If you look at a Martha Stewart recipe or a Betty Crocker one, they’re all the same with one or two minor tweaks. I stuck to my basic cookie dough recipe and added a whole lot of chocolate chips to it. It’s the usual butter and sugar mixture with flour and baking soda. Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics. But you can still alter the taste and texture with sugar. I mixed white and brown sugar. The brown sugar makes the cookie more chewy and gives it a caramel like flavour. I made some hot chocolate to go with it, and might I say it was the best decision. I can’t stop recommending the hot chocolate powder from Mason & Co. It’s incredibly luscious and rich.

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