Easy Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

easy chicken curry

Another chicken curry. This one’s easy too. It’s always an easy curry for me when it’s got freshly ground spices and coconut milk. Trust me, I’d rather take 2 mins to grind the spices than sit and chop heaps of onions and tomatoes for the curry base. Marinate the chicken in chilli powder, yoghurt and ginger garlic paste overnight. Next afternoon, cook it with some sliced onions (not one kilo or something, I promise), ground spice paste and coconut milk. Simple. Great with rice, of course. And if you’re on a low carb sort of diet, swap the mustard oil for coconut or olive, skip the onions and up the coconut milk. Have it like stew.

easy chicken curry


4 servings

Prep time:

10 mins

Cooking time:

20-30 mins


Chicken – 500 gm (boneless or on the bone)

Onions – 1 large (sliced)

Mustard oil – 2 tbsp

Coconut milk – 200 ml (1 tetra pack)

Coriander leaves for garnish

(If you have the time, marinate the chicken in 2 tbsp yoghurt, 2 tsp chilli powder and 2 tsp ginger garlic paste overnight or for a couple of hours)

Ground masala:

Dried red chillies – 4-5 (Deseed Kashmiri ones / use whole if byadagi)

Black peppercorns – 2 tsp

Coriander seeds – 1 tsp

Mustard seeds – 1 tsp

Cumin seeds – 1.5 tsp

Cloves – 1 tsp

Onion – 1 small chopped

Garlic – 3-4 cloves

Ginger – 1 inch piece


Dry roast all the ingredients to be made into a paste except onion, ginger and garlic.

Now blitz it all together, including the onion, ginger and garlic, with a couple of spoons of water till you have a paste.

Heat mustard oil till it’s smoking. Turn off the heat and let it cool.

Bring it back on the heat now and add the onions. Let them turn fairly brown.

Add the chicken and the ground masala. Mix well.

Now add the coconut milk and salt to taste.

If it’s too thick add half a cup of water.

If you’re using a pressure cooker, put the lid on and let it cook on high heat till 2 whistles are let out. Then lower the heat and cook for 15 mins (for big pieces, smaller pieces will need 10 mins).

Once the time’s up, take it off the heat and let the pressure drop on its own.

Take the lid off and garnish with fresh coriander leaves and a squeeze of lemon if you’d like. Yum!

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