Ricotta and Mushrooms with Sriracha on Toast

Ricotta and Mushrooms with Sriracha on Toast

Ricotta and Mushrooms with Sriracha on Toast

Ah, what’s Sunday without a good breakfast. Be it eggs – sunny side up, French toast, frittata or anything else, comfort is key. Now, without compromising on taste, you can make easy and quick Sunday breakfasts without much trouble. You know what’s delicious? Ricotta. What’s better? Ricotta for breakfast. Making ricotta only sounds like a lot of work but it takes only some milk with salt and lemon juice, and 20 mins of your time. I do it as soon as I’m up, so by the time I’ve freshened up my ricotta is ready. You could make it ahead of time as well.

Ricotta and Mushrooms with Sriracha on Toast

I’ve made a sweet breakfast with ricotta on toast before and this time I wanted to turn things savoury. Mushrooms are always great to cook with. They’re tasty and cook quickly. With a squeeze of sriracha on top, I had some deliciously savoury breakfast on Sunday. Don’t forget the coffee.



Ricotta cheese – 2 tbsp per toast (find the recipe for ricotta here)

Mushrooms – 4-5 sliced

Butter – 2 tsp

Sriracha or any other savoury and spicy sauce – 2 tsp per toast

Spinach – 1 cup

Toast – as many as you’d like!

Salt to taste


Heat butter in a nonstick pan and brown the mushrooms and keep aside.

Now wilt the spinach in it as well along with some salt.

On a toast, spread some ricotta. Top it with the wilted spinach.

Top the spinach with mushrooms and sprinkle a little salt on them.

Lastly, add the spicy sauce and serve.

You could mix it up and add whatever vegetables you’d like. Or even egg if you can poach some.

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