Ragi Dosa – Finger Millet Crepes

ragi dosa - finger millet crepe


Ragi Dosa – Finger Millet Crepes

Ragi dosa, or finger millet crepes, is made with whole grains and urad dal. That’s about it. I’m not a nutritionist but it’s safe to say that this dosa leans on the healthier side. The only prep required is the soaking of the ragi grains and urad dal separately before grinding them together with some water. Leave the batter to ferment in a warm place overnight and the next morning breakfast would be ready in just a couple of minutes.

ragi dosa - finger millet crepe

I made a green chutney to go with this. Although all kinds of chutney, podi, and even sambar will go well with this ragi dosa. Ragi dosa¬†won’t remain very crispy, so eat them as soon as they’re off the pan. But even when soft, they’re just as good. While making the dosa, don’t flip it. I’ve seen many people flipping thin dosa because they think it has to cook on both sides. Thin dosa cooks on top as well because of the steam, so you won’t need to flip them unless it’s uttappam, which is the thicker cousin of the regular dosa.


6-8 dosa


Whole ragi / finger millet – 1 cup

Urad dal – 1/2 cup

Water – 1/2 cup approximately

Salt to taste


Soak the ragi and urad dal separately in enough water for 2 hours.

Rinse them both and then grind together with around 1/2 cup water. Don’t add too much water else the batter will turn very thin.

Pour the batter into a bowl and cover with a lid. Leave it on the kitchen counter if the climate is warm or else, put it in a lightly warm oven.

Let this batter sit overnight. It doesn’t ferment a lot per say but it does increase in volume.

The next morning, give the batter a good mix with a little salt to taste.

Ladle the batter onto a hot cast iron pan or a nonstick one and spread it like you would any dosa. Cover and let it cook on medium-high heat. Remove lid after about a minute and pour a few drops of ghee or coconut oil around the dosa. Take the dosa off using a flat spatula and serve hot with chutney.

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