Chilli Garlic Oil for Stir Fries, Eggs, and more

Recipe for Chilli Garlic Oil

Chilli garlic oil

If you’re ever wandering the feeds of Instagram and stumble on to mine, check out the highlights. I’ve got this recipe there. Chilli garlic oil has to be one of my favourite condiments of all time. There’s the ruby red oil that can be used to stir fry things in or simply drizzle your eggs with. Then there are those tiny little nuggets of gold – garlic and chilli flakes – that have crisped to perfect crunchiness. It elevates any boring dish to new levels of deliciousness. I don’t like saying “next level”. What is next level? Who’s seen the next level?.

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Curry Noodle Bowl with Dried Prawns

Curry Noodle Bowl

Recipe for curry noodle bowl with dried prawns

I’ve been off my blog for many months now. I don’t have excuses but I have a few reasons. Mainly because I was out of a job and was on a job hunt for the most part. I’m still only doing work on freelance/consultant basis. It takes its toll on the mind. Without dedication and focus (and money), it’s hard to keep a blog up and running. But I’ve been feeling bad about letting this baby of mine take the back seat (more like take the trunk) entirely. Going forward, I’ll try and update a few recipes as and when I feel like it, which essentially means, whenever I am in a better mindset. Till then, follow me on Instagram where I put up pictures.

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