Chilli Garlic Oil for Stir Fries, Eggs, and more

Recipe for Chilli Garlic Oil

Chilli garlic oil

If you’re ever wandering the feeds of Instagram and stumble on to mine, check out the highlights. I’ve got this recipe there. Chilli garlic oil has to be one of my favourite condiments of all time. There’s the ruby red oil that can be used to stir fry things in or simply drizzle your eggs with. Then there are those tiny little nuggets of gold – garlic and chilli flakes – that have crisped to perfect crunchiness. It elevates any boring dish to new levels of deliciousness. I don’t like saying “next level”. What is next level? Who’s seen the next level?.

Anyway, I made this chilli garlic oil and put it up on my Instagram and the response was unexpected. I usually never get noticed there since I’m not a hot-shot-professional blogger with too many hot-shot blogging things to do. But this time, people noticed and asked me for the recipe over and over again. That’s why I quickly dropped by here, when I still was in the mood to write, and put the recipe up. Enjoy the spicy and garlicky oil and may it always find room in your pantry.

Chilli garlic oil

Chilli garlic oil


Chilli flakes – 1/3 cup (any chilli will do although I used big Kashmiri ones for its colour)

Garlic – 1/3 cup or more (definitely more)

Vegetable oil or any neutral oil – 3/4 cup

A glass jar (you could alternatively use a bowl and then transfer it to a jar for safety purposes)


Add the chilli and garlic to a jar or a bowl.

Bring the oil up to heat in a saucepan.

Don’t let it smoke (it’s a nasty habit anyway). Let it only shimmer, which means when the oil is doing a little dance.

Take it off the heat and with extreme caution (this is no joke), pour the oil into the jar or the bowl with the chilli and garlic.

What happens next will either scare you or entertain you. It did the latter to me. It’s going sizzle like you’ve never seen a sizzle before. Let it sit as it is for an hour. Store in your pantry itself.

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