Noodle Bowl Recipe Collection

noodle bowl

Noodle Bowl Recipe Collection

Gotta love a bowl of noodles. What’s better? A bowl of noodles with broth and accompaniments like eggs, fried things, fresh things, and more delicious things. I’ve never had an ‘authentic’ bowl of ramen. I’d love to travel to Japan just for it but my bank account is crying and laughing at me in a corner. Till then, I’ll binge watch ramen videos on YouTube and make humble versions of the same in my kitchen. They’re not all that bad and that’s good enough for me. I have low standards, y’all.

I’m rounding up a bunch of my favourite recipes here that has a bowl and some slurpy deliciousness in them. Take your pick and make some immediately. My recipes rarely call for complicated methods or ingredients. As a lazy cook, it goes against my principles. Take a deep breath, let it out, and slurp some noodles.

Curry Noodle Bowl

For all those who can’t steer away from curry style food, this one’s your best bet. Familiar curry taste with Asian serving style with noodles and a soft boiled egg.

Curry Noodle Bowl

Turmeric Chicken Noodle Bowl

This one has chicken in it, you could switch it with mushrooms or tofu. It has a light broth with turmeric and aromatics. More ideal for a weekend meal when you have the time to make a broth.

Turmeric Chicken Noodle Bowl


Fiery Prawn Noodle Soup

Alright, keep the fire department on speed dial because your mouth is going to be on fire. Well, it’s not all that hot but it’s something. You can always turn down the heat a few notches but I suggest you go through with it. And there are these gigantic prawns, so it’s all good.

Fiery prawn noodle soup


Khao Suey with Dried Prawns and Chilli Oil

One of my personal favourites because there are so many toppings! I love the dried prawns and chilli oil because of all the extra flavours and textures they bring.

khao suey with prawns


Noodles with Chicken in Green Curry

Another curry but this one’s green with a homemade curry paste. It’s got all things fragrant and delicious. You could have it with rice but when you can turn it into a noodle bowl, why should you?

noodles with chicken in green curry


Hot and Sweet Noodle Curry Bowl

Hold on, this one’s different. It’s hot and sweet. It gets its sweetness from a homemade honey chilli paste. If you have everything in hand, this takes just a few minutes to make. Best on a cold night when you’re too lazy for a big meal.

hot and sweet noodle bowl


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