Chilli Garlic Prawns Recipe

Some of the best foods are the simplest with just a handful of ingredients and basic skills. One such is this Chilli Garlic Prawns. You must have had it in a pub somewhere or even at a local seafood eatery. It’s as basic as pan frying prawns in some oil, chilli powder and garlic.

It stemmed from my craving of chilli oil and something to be stir fried in it. I found some lovely prawns and I thought, why not? Took me some time to clean and butterfly them but it was totally worth it. You could do it with small pieces of chicken or even potatoes.


Prawns – 250 gm (prep as you like it – with/without tail, shell on/off)

Coconut oil – 1/2 cup

Chilli powder – 1 – 1.5 tsp

Garlic – A LOT – 1/2 bulb maybe, minced



Add salt to the prawns and mix. Keep aside.

Heat the oil and add the chilli powder. Swirl to combine.

Tip the prawns in and cook for 2-3 mins.

Add the garlic and give it all a stir. Let it cook for another 2 mins.

Optional: Finish with a handful of curry leaves.

I served it as a side dish with chicken curry and rice.

It will also work really well with chilled beer!

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