Fresh Chilli and Garlic Paste

I absolutely LOVE pastes and marinates. Anytime I find fresh chillies of any kind, I make sure I pick some up. Throw in garlic and a couple of other ingredients and you have yourself something delicious and fiery in a jar. Ideally, something like this is great as a condiment, curry base or marinade.

Now, I don’t know how hot this has turned out since I made it late at night and I was in no mood to experiment with chillies. But it looks and smells great.


Red chillies – 5-6 (I deseeded 3 of them)

Garlic – 1 bulb

Palm jaggery – 1 inch piece (do check for taste and adjust to get the balance right)

Coconut oil – 1/4 cup


Flame roast the chillies till there’s a nice char on them.

You could take the skin off but I prefer the black charred bits so I kept it on.

Blend the chillies with the rest of the ingredients.

Top with a little more oil and store in fridge for upto a week.

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