Spicy Egg Curry / Anda Curry Recipe

spicy egg curry

Spicy Egg Curry / Anda Curry Recipe

Remember I made that bowl of delicious and comforting spaghetti in marinara and fresh basil? There was a cup worth of marina leftover from it. Instead of throwing it away or making a round of pasta, I turned it into a spicy egg curry. Everyday anda curry is one of my favourite dishes. Very easy to make and is ready in a matter of minutes. By adding chilli powder and meat masala or garam masala, the marinara isn’t marinara anymore. A great way to use up leftover sauce is to turn it into something completely different.

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Roasted Chickpeas and Cauliflower Salad with a Tahini Dressing

Chickpeas and cauliflower salad

One way to to use leftover chickpeas from when you made chole or hummus is to turn into a salad. Chickpeas are very filling and make for great salads without adding too many vegetables or even any meat to it. I usually toss the chickpeas in some salt and pepper and add some cucumber and tomatoes. This time I took it up a notch and popped them in my air fryer for a few minutes. They crisped up on the outside and were still soft on the inside. This added a great element of texture. Threw in some cherry tomatoes, capsicum and onions. Not just that, I roasted some cauliflower with turmeric and that was a great addition too.

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Chicken in Black Bean Sauce Recipe

chicken in black bean sauce

This chicken in black bean sauce was so easy to make and was a great way to use leftover marinated chicken. I had leftover uncooked meat from the caramel chicken I’d made. I quickly cooked the chicken in a pan with a sauce I made with black bean paste, soy, fish sauce and chilli paste. I also made a quick fried rice with cabbage and eggs to go with it. Perfect Saturday night dinner it was.

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How to Make Zucchini Corn Fritters – Guest Post by Susan Conley

How to Make Zucchini Corn Fritters_1

Learn how to make zucchini corn fritters that you can pack for lunch the next day. This recipe is very simple to follow, too. Working moms know how difficult it is to prepare dinner, especially when coming from work. I’ve been there before; rushing home after work and thinking of what to prepare for my kids and husband not just for dinner but also for breakfast and lunch the following day. It can be very, very exhausting. Are you the type of mom who would cook 1-2 meals in the evening, so there’s extra food that can be packed for lunch? If so, then you would likely be interested in the zucchini corn fritters recipe that I am to share with you.

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Raw Mango And Coconut Rice

raw mango and coconut rice

Got any leftover rice? A raw mango? Some coconut? There’s your lunch in a jiffy. Absolutely effortless and utterly delicious this rice dish is. Years ago, a colleague in Bangalore brought this box full of raw mango rice his mother had made using leftover rice. I hadn’t had anything like that before. And being a sucker for anything sour, I loved it. Having no recipe in hand and with no intention of looking up one either, I tried making some myself. This time around I added freshly grated coconut. This is a new favourite. It takes just about 10 mins to put it together. It took me longer to grate the damn mango actually. I paired this with Udupi style curry leaves thambuli and a cheat mango gojju.

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Creamy Chicken Soup with Coconut Milk

Creamy chicken soup

Got stock? Make soup.

In my previous post about mutton roast I mentioned how I saved the stock to use it in another dish. That’s how this soup came about. This soup can also double as a stew. With a very few ingredients, you can whip this up in under 15 minutes. No chopping, cutting or any big prep work needed here. But the stock is a must. If you don’t have chicken or meat stock, use a stock cube with water. Won’t match the real deal, but close enough.

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Eggs In Spicy Gassi | Eggs in spicy curry

Egg Curry

When you’re in no mood to cook but have enough material to whip up something for dinner in just a few minutes and about two steps, it’s time for makeovers for leftovers. Remember my kori sukka from a few days ago? In that post I mentioned I was saving the curry for something else. Here it is. One lazy night I turned it into an egg gassi. I could have made it easier by just cracking open the eggs into the curry but I hard boiled a few eggs and dunked them in the gassi.

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Chicken and Pineapple Salad

Chicken and pineapple saladThis should ideally be named cleaned-out-my-fridge-salad. It consists of leftovers from my chilli basil chicken stir-fry and my sweet chilli pineapple sauce. I had some old broccoli, sweet corn and basil. Throw in an apple and lettuce, and you have a great lunch. That’s the great thing about leftovers, just a couple of tweaks and bring it all together with a dressing and you’ve recycled your pantry stock quite well.

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Soba Noodles with Chilli Garlic Prawns

soba noodlesSoba noodles are made with buckwheat and whole wheat. Definitely healthier than regular noodles. I came across Nigella Lawson’s recipe that called for soba noodles on my Twitter feed and figured I must try something out with soba noodles. Luckily, the grocer near home stocks all kinds of imported products and he had soba and udon noodles as well. You can also find it on Amazon. There’s no real distinct taste these noodles have, but I can say they’re less starchy and don’t feel heavy on the tummy.

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Chicken and roasted pumpkin salad


pumpkin salad

Some nights are salad night. As easy as salads look, they do take a while to bring all the ingredients together. Or maybe my salads do. It’s probably because I don’t like all raw vegetables and a salad dressing for a meal. I prefer cooked vegetables with some meat along with greens. This time I roasted pumpkin (originally for a soup but I changed my mind) and some boneless chicken, tossed them on some greens and crumbled some feta on it. Now that’s the kind of salad that works for me. For dressing, it was a balsamic, mustard and honey.

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