Yoghurt Mousse with Muesli and Mango

For breakfast while in office I happen to order this muesli, yoghurt mousse with fruit kind of dish which seemed very doable. And so I did. The next day I brought something similar for my colleagues and along with the dish I too became a hit. I understand it’s healthy and everything, but I promise that wasn’t intentional.

Muesli – 3 tbsp
Assorted fruits – cut up mango, apple, strawberry and the likes
Hung curd – 1/2 cup
Sugar syrup – 3 tbsp (you could use honey if the sugar scares you)

1. Whip the hung curd with sugar syrup and keep aside.
2. In a bowl tip the muesli in first and top it with the cut fruits, leaving a few for garnish.
3. Now top this with the hung curd mix and garnish with remaining cut fruits.

Serve for breakfast.

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Spinach and Corn Sandwich

I remember the only thing I ate at Cafe Coffee Day – Corn and Spinach Sandwich. I just replicated it. No biggie.

Sweet corn – 1/2 cup
Spinach – A bunch
Dried herbs – 1 tsp
Cheese spread – 1 tsp
Bread – 2 slices

1. Wilt (cook in a pan without water) the spinach with a pinch of salt and keep aside.
2. In the same pan cook the corn with 1/2 cup of water.
3. Mix the spinach and corn with the dried herbs (basil, thyme, rosemary).
4. Spread the cheese spread on the bread and fill it with the spinach and corn mix.
5. Grill it on the pan with some butter or without any.

Serve with coffee, tea or me. Kidding. 

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Penne in Marinara

Valentine’s Day. Nip in the air. These definitely ask for a hot pasta dish….Or maybe it’s just easy to make and I don’t need to run to the market to get a thousand ingredients to cook something ‘special’.

Penne – a cup
Olive oil – 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Tomato – 4 large ones chopped
Garlic – 4 pods chopped
Basil leaves – 4 or more if you’re like me or like me

1. Cook the tomatoes in 2 tbsp hot olive with the garlic.
2. Cool and puree it in a blender.
3. In the meanwhile let the pasta cook – 10 mins in salt water or till cooked.
4. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a saucepan and tip the tomato sauce in it.
5. Add salt and basil leaves.
6. Tip the cooked pasta in and mix well.

Serve with garlic bread and some love.

PS: I grated some cheddar over it. It’s OK. You can too. I won’t tell anyone.

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Roasted Potato

When you are done with the pop corns and the likes while watching the India Vs Sri Lanka, World Cup Finals 2011, what do you do? Well, we made roast potatoes with a garlic cheese dip. It sure does sound all fancy but this is probably one of the preparations where we have used the least number of ingredients in Purple Cinnamon. If you ask us how we come up with these, I guess ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is what we have to say. J

All you need is two large potatoes, 5 pods of garlic, 5 large table spoons of cheese spread, Olive oil (sufficient portion to roast thin slices of the potatoes), Salt to taste and some ready-made Italian Seasoning.

In a bowl mix the potato slices with salt, Italian seasoning and drizzle just a little olive oil on it. In the meantime, pour some of that oil into your hot non-stick pan. Now roast both the sides of the potato slices and keep aside. For the dip, all you need to do is roast the chopped garlic and add it to the cheese spread, and mix well. If you prefer a slightly less thick consistency to your dip, please add some water to dilute it J

Garnishing tip: Adding freshly chopped coriander to the dip will give you the perfect zing to this finger food!

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There was this one scene in Julie&Julia, where Julie is in conversation with her husband while cooking dinner. She dices tomatoes, a little later she flips a few baguette slices on the griddle turning them golden brown. Next thing you know, the tomatoes are nesting on the baguette and she’s garnishing them with fresh basil. I must have rewound and gone through the scene like 7 times at one go. It looked absolutely beautiful and it definitely helped that her husband loved it. So many months have gone by and now is when that scene would come to life in my kitchen. Technically in Upasana’s kitchen. Did it exactly how I played it in my head. But of course by now you should know we do bend the rules here and there. So we added a little extra for some zing. Cheese! Straight from Paris.

5 slices


5 slices of baguette (you can use any other kind of bread slices)

2 chopped tomatoes

½ yellow capsicum finely chopped (green or red would also do just fine)

1 basil leaf for each slice

A pinch of fresh thyme for each slice (substitute with dried Italian seasoning)

Grated cheese to top the bruschetta (we used gouda)

1 clove of garlic

1 tbsp olive oil for toasting baguette

Salt and pepper for seasoning


Sauté the finely chopped yellow capsicum and keep aside. Toast baguette in olive oil on both sides. Rub garlic on each slice to infuse the flavor into the baguette. Top it with the chopped tomatoes, approximately 1 tbsp for each slice and the capsicum. Sprinkle a pinch of thyme and season with salt and pepper. Now add basil finely chopped or the whole leaf. Top this off with cheese and serve.

It works really well as an appetizer for a dinner party. Yes, you can show off. I would 😉

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Potato Leek Soup

Soup served cold…always interested me. A simple light soup with a zing of a herb and a soft creamy taste to add a rich comfort food taste. Thats all I wanted. Palla suggested a potato leek soup, hence when we were at Gourmet, picked up two sticks of leeks along with some kale, fennel and thyme too (oki unnecessary information). So here is how :
Two big bada boom sized potatoes, boiled with salt and then mashed with a spoon.
Two sticks of leek, finely chopped
6 pods of garlic, finely chopped
2 tbl spoons of fresh cream
salt and pepper to taste
I guess the ingredients themselves speak for the dish as to how easy it is going to be to cook it. To a hot pan, add a little Olive oil and let the pan heat up. Now throw in the garlic pieces and saute them for about a minute, add the leeks to it and let them turn light green in color. Make sure that none of these ingredients turn golden brown. Now are the mash potatoes and after a good stir and a little of water and mix all the 3 ingredients well. Lid it for about 5 mins.
Now I chose to whisk it once with an electric blender and form an even…err…soup. Add the dash of cream with salt and Pepper.
Enjoy 🙂

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Veggies in White Sauce

The white sauce we’re referring to is béchamel but with cheese. So I guess that makes it cheese sauce? I’m going with cheese sauce. We had some left over veggies and I guess this was the quickest way to use them, well, maybe tossing them into your eggs and make an omlette could have been an option. Hmm..there’s an idea. So this sauce, is pretty basic. Flour, milk, cheese, butter, salt and pepper. But what’s crucial is measurement. You get either one wrong and it can turn into either a flour paste or just cheesy milk (gross). Don’t sweat about measuring spoons and cups. Use the regular spoons to measure and not go by presumption.
2 cups steamed mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, potato, peas)
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp butter
1 cup shredded cheese (cheddar or any processed cheese)
2 cups milk
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Arrange the steamed vegetables in desired serving bowl.
In a non-stick saucepan, heat the butter. When it begins to foam add flour and mix immediately. Let it cook for 3 minutes. Now add 2 tbsp of the milk and mix well. Add the rest of the milk and keep whisking to eliminate any lumps (if there are a few, let them be. You can strain it later). Add the cheese and whisk some more. Season with salt and pepper. Let this cook for another 5 minutes or till the sauce has thickened. If you want a more running sauce add more milk. If you need it to be thicker add more flour. Tip this hot sauce on to the vegetables and serve immediately.
Makes for a good dinner by itself or can be served on the side.
Bon appétit!
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Whenever I walk past a bakery, particularly the smaller ones in the neighborhood, my pace slows down a tad just so I could take a whiff of freshly baked bread. Such a comfort. Call me weird but it just feels like a big warm hug. So now I wanted that in my house. I’ve been baking for a while now. Lots of cakes, pies, brownies, and the likes, but never bread. This is no fancy recipe. It’s from the recipe book that came with the oven.
250 gm flour
1 tbsp yeast
150 ml warm water
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
Take 2 tbsp of the warm water and mix the yeast and sugar in it. Keep aside for 10 minutes. In another big mixing bowl sieve in the flour and salt. Add the yeast mixture to the flour and mix till it forms a dough. Now put this on your (clean) kitchen counter and knead well for about 10 minutes. You will find this very therapeutic. Now cover it with a damp muslin cloth and leave it to prove (rise) for about an hour. After an hour take off the cloth and knock back the dough and knead again for a couple of minutes. You can shape it however you like or just make a long loaf and place it on your baking tray or loaf tin and set aside to prove again for another hour (I know!). In your pre-heated oven, bake for 30 minutes in 200 C. You can sprinkle sesame seeds like I did.
There you go. Your very own loaf of bread 🙂
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