Fig and Bacon Salad with Feta with Balsamic Dressing

Fig and Bacon Salad

Fig and Bacon Salad with Feta

Fig and bacon salad. I should have called it my fig and pig salad (I make myself laugh). My friend got me some juicy and delicious figs from Bangalore recently and I’m glad I put them to good use. I used the more firm ones for the salad and saved the mushy ones for another delicious adventure. But that’s for later. For now, stick a fork into this sweet, plump, salty, sour and fresh salad. It’s got all that and more. I made a very simple dressing of balsamic, honey and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

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Grilled Cheese and Bacon Jam Sandwich

Bacon Jam Sandwich

My previous post was about bacon and onion jam. The one following it had to be something I made with the bacon jam, right? It’s a good old grilled cheese, of course. This is when carbs and fat hangout together to give you a piece of heaven. The bacon sandwich is just right with its saltiness from bacon and sweetness from the onions. I used regular cheese slices you get in the market. But if you have good cheddar or even mozzarella, your sandwiches would be even better. Alternately, you could just toast bread and top it with the jam and place the cheese just on top, broil it in the oven for 3-4 mins or till cheese has melted over the jam.

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Bacon and Onion Jam

Bacon and onion jam

Bacon caught your attention, didn’t it? I’ll take that as a yes. Crisp bacon strips with eggs sounds like the perfect hangover curing breakfast. Yes, bacon does make anything better. But even you know it’s not good for you (such a buzzkill). That’s why I rarely pick a small packet of it at the supermarket. This time around, I wanted to try my hands on bacon jam. Sweet, salty and sticky bacon and onion jam.

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Bacon Brownies

Not too long ago, a colleague and friend brought us a bar of Bacon Chocolate from the U.S. Don’t pull a face – it was the best thing I’ve tasted in years. It was as if chocolate met bacon, they dated in someone’s kitchen and then I got to attend the wedding. It was all kinds of awesomeness. Now, I did know about bacon brownies but had never tried them – baking or otherwise. After the successful encounter with the bacon chocolate bar, I figured I’d give the brownies a shot. They turned out good. But there’s always scope to improve – and by improve I mean, add more bacon!

The short version: Add 1/2 cup of fried bacon bits and 4 tsp bacon fat to your regular brownie batter.

1 cup chocolate
1/4 cup salted butter
3/4 cup brown or regular sugar
3/4 cup flour
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup fried bacon bits
4 tsp bacon grease/fat

1. Microwave the chocolate and butter for 30 – 40 seconds and whisk till completely melted and smooth.
2. Add eggs and vanilla, and mix well.
3. Add sugar.
4. Fold the flour into the batter.
5. Add the bacon bits and fat to the batter.
6. Bake in a preheated oven for 20 mins at 180C

Let it cool completely before demolishing it.

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Bacon and Eggs in Bread Cups

bacon eggs

Crispy, toasty bread with bacon bits and a soft runny egg nestled right in the center. This one is very close to Rachel Khoo’s Croque Madame Muffins. However, I changed it to make it an easier breakfast dish. It’s always nice to try out different recipes by different cooks. Rachel’s recipes seem quite easy. Although some of the ingredients she uses wouldn’t be easily available here. Hence, bacon and eggs. Bacon and eggs with cheese, in bread cups – everything is right about this.

PS: Rachel is my cook crush, after Nigella Lawson, of course.

This recipe serves one.

Egg – 1
White bread with crusts off – 2
Bacon – 2 strips cooked as you like it
Butter – 1 tsp
Cheese – to grate on egg

1. Spread butter on both slices and line it in your ramekin.
2. Cut up the bacon and line the bread with it, or place them whole.
3. Crack the egg into it.
4. Grate cheese (I used cheddar) on the egg.
5. In a preheated oven (180C), bake for 20 mins.
6. Garnish with any herbs you like or eat it just like that.

I didn’t add any salt because there’s enough cheese and not to forget the bacon.

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