Masala Cheese French Toast

Masala cheese French toast


It all sounds too familiar, no? Masala cheese bhurji meets savoury French toast, I suppose. There’s no background story for this one. It was simply the result of me being my laziest self on a Sunday morning. Since I’d made a sweet French toast for breakfast the previous day, I wanted something savoury for Sunday. But French toast is so easy and quick that I just didn’t want to make anything else. So the masala cheese version of it happened. Simply whisk eggs and milk, add chillies and garam masala and follow the usual¬†steps required for French toast. Once it’s off the pan and on your plate, grate cheese on it and see how great it tastes!

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Chilli cheese toast with roasted bell peppers

Chilli cheese toast

Updated with new pictures!

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t had a chilli cheese toast at some point in their life. From being a¬†favourite at the local bakery to making one yourself as a teen, the chilli cheese toast has always been around. And so many variations of it. The simplicity of it makes it so comforting. With a cup of coffee or tea, I like my chilli cheese toast with loads of cheese and the right amount of chilli. I steer clear of masala or chilli powders and add only fresh green chillies, finely chopped.

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