Cheese Pancakes with Poached Egg and Sriracha

Sunday pancakes are the best thing about weekends. But last weekend I made the savoury kind. With cheese. And topped with a poached egg. It looked damn cute and tasted damn good. What’s not to like? Cheese, runny egg and spicy sriracha. With my hot cuppa it was the perfect breakfast. If poaching eggs scare you, welcome to my world. I can’t get it to look like a perfect quenelle. But I do have my little trick that saves the day and gives me a poached egg, slightly disfigured nevertheless.

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Cheese waffles and eggs | Savoury waffles recipe


I must admit, this plate of food looked so gorgeous it was hard to run a knife through it. When I’d think of waffles I always picture them with loads of fruits and syrup dripping down the edges. But this time around I wanted to make some savoury ones. I didn’t do much except for add grated cheese in the batter along with some paprika and thyme. It tasted great but I should have made smaller ones so it’d crisp up better. Anyway, I topped each of them with a fried and a side of cherry tomatoes.

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