Easy Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

easy chicken curry

Another chicken curry. This one’s easy too. It’s always an easy curry for me when it’s got freshly ground spices and coconut milk. Trust me, I’d rather take 2 mins to grind the spices than sit and chop heaps of onions and tomatoes for the curry base. Marinate the chicken in chilli powder, yoghurt and ginger garlic paste overnight. Next afternoon, cook it with some sliced onions (not one kilo or something, I promise), ground spice paste and coconut milk. Simple. Great with rice, of course. And if you’re on a low carb sort of diet, swap the mustard oil for coconut or olive, skip the onions and up the coconut milk. Have it like stew.

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Mutton Kalia / Mutton Masaledar

Mutton curry

You know that one time when you least expected something to turn out as you wanted it to and it actually turns out spectacular? That was this mutton curry for me. I even did a little jig when I scooped a little gravy with my finger and shoved it into my mouth to taste it. I’d stumbled on this recipe on YouTube and bookmarked it to make it on a Sunday. Don’t judge me, but I’m the pressure cooking kind when it’s mutton. I’ve tried slow cooking it when I made mutton korma and as it turns out, it really doesn’t make a world of difference to its taste. If anything, I save on resources with my pressure cooker.

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Easy chicken curry

chicken curry

I’ve always been a fan of ground masala with coconut and whole spices to make the base of curries. But every once in a while I turn to powdered spices. This chicken curry is probably a common one in most households. I think so because its base is an onion-tomato one as opposed to coconut. I remember mum making these on Sundays when she picked the easy option. But personally I find the coconut based masala a lot easier because I don’t have to saute anything for a long time before adding the chicken and cooking it further. Although, this one is easy because only powdered spices are used and it’s a good start if you’re not very confident with cooking yet.

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Tomato Chicken Curry

tomato chicken curry

Just to take it easy this Sunday, I made a relatively simple chicken curry. It’s basic – tomatoes, some onion, some spices and chicken, of course. It’s good to whip up when you’re not in the mood for something elaborate but still want something that has “Sunday lunch” written all over it. I initially set out to make butter chicken, but I didn’t have any butter. And what to do when you have a ton of plump ripe tomatoes? So many things, yes. I chose to make curry with them. It turned out nice and tangy. Mildly spicy but that’s something you can adjust as per your spice tolerance levels.

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