Kane Rava Fry / Lady Fish Fry with Semolina

kane fry

Kane Rava Fry / Lady Fish Fry with Semolina

Can you believe my luck when I found Kane fish in Gurgaon? OK I found it online and it was coming from Delhi. And that must have come from somewhere in the west coast. Whatever. But good lord this was some beauty of a fish. I hadn’t had kane in what seems like years. It may have been years. One of the things my grandma and women in the family did to smaller fish was to marinate them in a chilli based masala and then give them a good toss around in semolina. I believe this method came from Bombay. I don’t care. I’m going with granny. To the bigger fish they simply fried them with the marinade still slapped on. Restaurants called it Naked Fry. Yes. Let’s do the not-so-naked fry now, shall we?

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Meen Curry | Sour and Spicy Fish Curry


A good fish curry is an absolute favourite of mine. Ideally, fish curries at home are made with sardines and mackerels. Sear fish (surmai) is usually pan fried. I made my curry with rohu fish. Full of bones yet works very well with Mangalorean curries. I already had the spice paste from the kori sukka I’d made. I just simmered the fish in this spice paste with tamarind water and my curry was ready.

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Grilled Sole with Veggies

After a day’s work, all I want is a good plate of food. Light, simple and easy to cook food. Also, healthy. My go to these days are grilled things – fish and chicken, along with a few veggies I can manage. This time I got a couple of sole fillets. A simple marinade and then on to the pan and into a hot oven with some carrots and broccoli. Comfort in a plate. And tastes bloody good!



Fish – 2 fillets (I got sole)

Yoghurt – 2 tbsp

Dill – 1 tbsp chopped

Garlic paste – 1 tbsp (or more if you want it garlicky)

Salt – to taste

Carrots and broccoli (or any other veggies) – 1 cup

Olive oil – 1 tbsp


Marinate fish in yoghurt, dill, garlic paste and salt for a couple of hours or overnight.

Sear it on a hot pan with olive oil for a minute on each side so it gets that nice brown colour.

Pop the fillets into a preheated oven and cook for 15 mins at 180C, along with the veggies.

Take it out of the oven and serve!


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Diwali at home in Bangalore

I live in the dusty city of Gurgaon. I don’t like the city, like many of those who move here for work from other parts of the country. What I do love – people I work with. That’s why whenever I get a chance to hop on a plane and go home to Bangalore, I make a big deal of it. Mom’s food, my dog – Cookie, dad’s stories, sister’s stories, and just nostalgia makes me warm and fuzzy.

This time the occasion was Diwali, or as for us South Indians, Deepavali. A week’s break and it had to be spent at home. I get home on a Saturday, just in time for lunch. What’s for lunch you ask?


Fish curry, of course. Spicy, tangy and coconut-y curry where plump sardines were swimming. OK, that was mean, but the curry was delicious. See what I did there?

Post lunch, I walked around near home because that’s what you do when the weather kicks all kinds of ass. I headed to Shoppers Stop to get myself a pair of running shoes. It’s not a good time to step into a mall or any large store for that matter, when it’s Diwali (shopping) season. I didn’t find shoes, but I found something better *evil grin*. Plates and pretty tea cups. Actually, the tea cups were gigantic. It’s almost a hybrid of coffee mugs and tea cups. Anyway, I walked back home.

The next best meal came by after two days. Crab curry. This one’s probably the best thing mom’s cooked in years. She outdid herself. Crab lends so much flavour to its curry, it’s unbelievable. IMG_20151110_125610

The next day I took the bus and went to MG Road. I love how green it is right in the middle of the city over there. It’s great to walk around, especially when it’s drizzling. Did I tell you the weather was great. One of my favourite places for breakfast or any other meal in Bangalore is The Egg Factory. I absolutely love eggs and got myself a nice omlette and a hot chocolate. Sitting by the window, reading, and holding on to every minute that seemed to slip away with every bite and sip I took.


A trip to Chikamagalur was on the cards. My sister’s husband belongs to the place and his family lives there amidst their sprawling coffee and pepper plantations. We were invited to lunch and the menu included idiyappam, mutton curry, fried fish, chicken masala, poori, rasam, rice. We wandered around the estate and trust me, the air was so clean my lungs were definitely loving it.




I miss my dog immensely. Just look at her.


It was definitely sweater weather and boy, was it simply amazing. But it’s never not a good time for Corner House. I got myself their classic and my favourite, Hot Chocolate Fudge. Which by the way, is the best.


Before I left Bangalore, I had to have my share of *cough* beef *cough*. I hope nobody heard that. Anyway, I was loitering around the city as usual and was around Commercial Street. That’s when Peppa Zzing happened. Cozy little place, this one’s got the most delicious burgers. And there’s beef. Win-win! I got myself the Peppa Zzing Beef Burger. Service was quick and in a few minutes my face met the burger and I slapped on a big old grin like an idiot. I couldn’t be bothered about what was happening around me as I tucked myself into this burger which had caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, the juiciest and the most flavourful beef patty, in house mayo and a fried egg. There was a party in my mouth and no one else was invited.


Oh and I forgot to show you my running shoes. I did run. Look at all the food I demolished during my stay!


I rummaged through some old stuff at home, hoping to find something old and forgotten. And I did. Mom’s diary, recipe diary actually, from 1993. I found a few pages with my handwriting. Mom must’ve been dictating and I would’ve, like any food loving diligent child, made note of everything. The picture below has my mother’s notes though.


Lastly, I couldn’t leave the city without my favourite filter coffee. Got one straang cup from Maiyas.


I didn’t leave with a heavy heart or a sad face. I was glad to be home, but I also did look forward to coming back to Gurgaon to resume work and my routine. As much as you love going back to visit your family, the novelty wears off in a couple of days and you find yourself a tad restless and wanting to fly back to the nest you made and call it home. Rightly so.

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Fish Salad with Straw Mushrooms and Snow Peas

There used to be something snobbish about people who ate salads. I’m saying ‘used to’, because now I also eat them without complaining that they don’t make me feel full. Having said that, I do prefer salads with meat/fish. That’s what fills me up!


It was my birthday yesterday and I think I’ve had enough sugar to last me a month. And to top it all, a big juicy tenderloin burger. You know why the salad now, don’t you? Besides that, I found some really beautiful straw mushrooms and snow peas at a fancy supermarket here. Also, I didn’t use basa. I got myself some sole fish.


Ingredients for marinade:

2 pieces boneless fish fillets (180 gms approximately)

1 tbsp mustard sauce

1 tsp olive oil

Salt to taste

Marinate fish in mentioned ingredients for a couple of hours or overnight.

Rest of the salad:

Pan fry the fish in 1 tbsp olive oil till brown and done. Keep aside.

In the same pan, toss the mushrooms in and saute for a couple of mins.

Now saute the snow peas as well for another 2 mins.

Assemble the salad with the fish, mushrooms and snow peas along with whatever greens you have with you. I had rocket, and then I tossed in some green apple slices and pomegranate seeds.


Mix together extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup orange juice, 1 tsp mustard sauce, 1 tsp dried herbs, 1 tsp chilli paste/powder, a dash of honey and a tsp of balsamic vinegar.


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Grilled Fish on Lemon and Coriander Couscous

I’d never eaten couscous before this. When I saw that bigbasket.com had it, and didn’t cost my stomach, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve been eating healthier of late anyway, and this would be a good addition in my pantry. I made a simple marinade for the fish and used the same for sauce. Turns out this is a really quick dinner – to prepare and to consume!

Couscous – 1 packet (serves 3-4 people)
Coriander – handful, chopped
Lemon – juice from 2
Olive oil – 2 tbsp
Fish – I used basa fillets
Mustard sauce – 2 tbsp
Vinegar – 1 tbsp
Garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Paprika/chilli powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

1. Marinate fish with vinegar, mustard sauce, paprika/chilli powder, garlic paste and salt.
2. Boil 400 ml water and pour it over the couscous in a bowl, and let it sit for 5 mins (follow instructions on the packet).
3. Head oil in a nonstick pan and place fish – cook for 3 – 4 mins on each side.
4. In the same pan, add the remaining marinade with a splash of water and mix well to make a sauce.
5. With a fork, fluff the couscous.
6. Add the coriander and lemon juice and mix well.
7. Serve fish with couscous.

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Fried Fish in Coconut Milk

I wanted fish curry, minus the fuss. From breaking a coconut, scraping the flesh and grinding it with a hundred spices wasn’t something I was ready for. Hence, the shortcut – onion and tomato gravy base with coconut milk.

Fish – 250 gms boneless
Onion – 2 medium
Tomato – 2 medium
Coconut milk – 1 tetrapack (200 ml)
Dried red chilly – 1
Ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Coriander leaves – handful
Fresh green/red chillies – 2
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
Garam masala – 1 tsp
Oil – 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Note: Marinate the fish in ginger garlic paste and salt for a couple of hours. Shallow fry in hot oil till cooked, and keep aside.
1. Grind onions with the dried red chilly to a paste.
2. Heat the oil, add curry leaves and let them splutter.
3. Tip in the onion paste along with chopped green/red chillies paste and let it cook down till the paste has browned.
4. Add chopped tomatoes, turmeric and garam masala. Cook for a couple of minutes.
5. Add the fried fish.
6. Add coconut milk and stir well.
7. Garnish with more fresh red chillies and coriander.
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Goan Fish Curry

I miss mum’s fish curry. I miss grandma’s fish curry more. I didn’t even want to attempt their recipes. Hence, found this one recipe online. It’s not Mangalorean, but Goan. It’s alright. Any fish curry was what I needed.

It’s fairly simple.  Grind the masala with coconut and brining it to boil with water, along with sliced onions and green chillies. Add fish pieces and cook. Done.

For recipe, click —>> here

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