Jenji Gassi / Crab Curry Mangalorean Style

Jenji Gassi / Grab Curry Mangalorean Style

Jenji Gassi / Crab Curry Mangalorean Style Recipe

I’ve always complained how I miss eating seafood here in Gurgaon. Supermarkets and online stores do stock some gems from the ocean but I never bothered getting myself any. I thought they’d be way more expensive than what it is back home. As it turns out, some of it costs just the same. Like blue crab for instance. The ones I saw at this supermarket were lovely. Without missing a beat I got myself 3 big ones.

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Egg Gassi – Eggs poached in coconut based curry

Egg gassi

This one’s a staple back at mom’s place. It’s basically eggs poached in a coconut based masala. Ideally it’s supposed to have potatoes as well, but I didn’t have any at home so I went with just the eggs. Most Indian egg curries¬†have¬†boiled eggs in a spicy gravy. But this one’s got them poached. I love eggs in a curry this way. The base of the curry is pretty much like the one for a kori (chicken) gassi. I went a little low on chillies though.

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