2 ingredient nice cream bowl for breakfast or dessert

nice cream bowl

The first time I saw something like this was on Food Network’s Snapchat feed. I’ve tried using the same base for multiple healthy breakfast options. But this time around I stuck to keeping it really simple and with just two ingredients. And you could top it with whatever you want to – muesli, honey, fruits, nuts, etc. I only had muesli, nuts and desiccated coconut in my kitchen.


Yield: 1 portion

Time: If bananas are already frozen, then 5 mins to make it


Banana – 2 per portion (cut into small pieces and put in a box to freeze overnight)

Cocoa – 2 tbsp

Toppings of your choice


Blitz the bananas and cocoa till smooth. This could take 4-5 mins.

Serve in a bowl topped with fruits, nuts, muesli, coconut, anything at all!

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