Chettinad Chicken Curry Recipe

Chettinad Chicken Curry Recipe

Chettinad Chicken Curry Recipe

Chettinad chicken curry is something we’d order at restaurants and rarely cook at home. In fact, I don’t think my mum has ever cooked it back in the day. I discovered it myself in Chettinad style restaurants in Bangalore. I think it was Anjappar. Ever since I’ve seen it being made on many Indian cooking shows by several chefs and home cooks. This style of curry is right up my alley because I love roasting whole spices and grinding it with coconut to make a base for the curry. Just like we do in Mangalorean style of cooking.

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Thai Style Chilli Basil Chicken

Thai Style Chilli Basil Chicken

Thai Style Chilli Basil Chicken Recipe

Thai food is delicious. With all the spices and strong flavours, it only seems hard to make but it isn’t. Of course, we won’t find all the authentic ingredients here but we can get really close. Like, there’s galangal, Thai chillies and others you can find in the market today. Throw in some lemon leaves and lemongrass and you’ll have some real Thai taste. Also, this recipe can be made in just a few minutes so it’s perfect for a weeknight dinner or a lazy Sunday lunch.

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Apricot and Chilli Chicken Thighs

Apricot chilli chicken

Remember my recent trip to the hills? Yes, Saattal it was. I brought back a bunch of jams. One of them was an apricot jam. Turns out, it’s my favourite. But how long will I just spread it over bread? That’s why I used it instead of honey for my sweet and spicy chilli sauce. This one’s a 3-ingredient sauce – chillies, garlic and apricot jam. Since there aren’t any other ingredients to give it volume, I used a lot of chillies. Don’t be alarmed, they were all deseeded. Except 2-3 I guess, for the heat.

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Pan roasted chilli chicken with spicy mushroom sauce

Pan roasted chilli chicken with spicy mushroom sauce  is one of those dishes you build as you go. I had chicken and a few condiments along with a few basil leaves. The weather demanded for something spicy, of course. Actually, the weather never demands anything, I just needed a an excuse for something spicy. This took barely 30 mins in all. First, pan roast the chicken and then make the mushroom sauce, top with fresh basil. Simple.

chicken mushroom sauce


3 boneless chicken breasts (I cut them horizontally so they cook fast)

2 tbsp ginger garlic paste

Chilli oil to cook them in – If you don’t have chilli oil, use regular oil and add chilli paste or powder in the marinade.

(Marinate chicken in the ginger garlic paste and chilli paste/powder if needed along with salt)

Ingredients for sauce:

1 box mushrooms, sliced

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, grated

1 tbsp chilli paste or 1 tsp chilli powder (adjust accordingly)

2 tbsp fresh cream



Any condiments if you have. I had some smoked paprika mixed with other herbs and spices from Chile. You could alternatively use chicken seasoning, or pasta seasoning that you get in the market these days. You can do without it as well or use anything else that you might have in your pantry.


While you prep for the sauce, let the marinated chicken sit aside.

Heat chilli oil and cook the chicken. Let them brown well on both sides. 4 – 5 mins each side. Keep aside.

In the same oil (add more if required), tip in the onions and cook till they turn translucent.

Now add the grated garlic.

Add mushrooms and cook them out.

Add chilli paste and cook further. If you have any spices or condiments to add, do so now.

Add a splash of water. And then the cream.

Let it bubble on medium heat. Place chicken in the sauce. Top with fresh basil or parsley.

I served this with rice. You could do it with pasta or even toasted bread.

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