Methi Palak Chicken Curry

methi palak chicken

Leftover greens in the fridge make for great curry bases. In this case I had a bunch of palak that were on the verge of wilting on their own. So I added some methi and coriander to the mix and cooked some chicken in it. It was perfectly light and delicious. As summer crawls back into our lives, food must also get lighter. Heavy masala based curries gives me the sweats and keeping Sunday lunches light is my main goal this summer. Even the spices I used were mostly pepper, coriander, cumin and fenugreek seeds. Helps cool off the body. No wonder these spices are a huge part of Mangalorean cuisine.

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Tomato Chicken Curry

tomato chicken curry

Just to take it easy this Sunday, I made a relatively simple chicken curry. It’s basic – tomatoes, some onion, someĀ spices and chicken, of course. It’s good to whip up when you’re not in the mood for something elaborate but still want something that hasĀ “Sunday lunch” written all over it. I initially set out to make butter chicken, but I didn’t have any butter. And what to do when you have a ton of plump ripe tomatoes? So many things, yes. I chose to make curry with them. It turned out nice and tangy. Mildly spicy but that’s something you can adjust as per your spice tolerance levels.

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