Beetroot Pachadi Recipe – How to make beetroot pachadi

Beetroot Pachadi Recipe

Pachadi is traditionally from Kerala. And as we, southern neighbouring states have adopted and adapted several recipes from one another, we add pachadi to the list. Beetroot pachadi is easily one of my favourite summer┬áside dishes. It’s very close behind the curry leaves thambuli. Anything yoghurt based to beat the heat is a blessing. Since monsoon has officially cracked its way down on us, it’s been great. The heat though is still here. A bowl of rice, some pachadi and some crisps make for a perfect lunch during these days.

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Raw Mango And Coconut Rice

raw mango and coconut rice

Got any leftover rice? A raw mango? Some coconut? There’s your lunch in a jiffy. Absolutely effortless and utterly delicious this rice dish is. Years ago, a colleague in Bangalore brought this box full of raw mango rice his mother had made using leftover rice. I hadn’t had anything like that before. And being a sucker for anything sour, I loved it. Having no recipe in hand and with no intention of looking up one either, I tried making some myself. This time around I added freshly grated coconut. This is a new favourite. It takes just about 10 mins to put it together. It took me longer to grate the damn mango actually. I paired this with Udupi style curry leaves thambuli and a cheat mango gojju.

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