Roasted and Spiced Potato Wedges

potato wedges

We all love a good nibble of French fries or plump potato wedges every once in a while. But the fast food kinds are such a put off with all that grease. Yes, such food is meant for comfort. The soggy mess that they turn into when you order in though makes you want to whip up a batch yourself. Well, with an oven and a nonstick pan, you can. While I’d love nothing more than to simply let the potatoes roast away in the oven till golden brown with a crisp skin, I realize I don’t have one of those big beautiful ovens. Mine is a small OTG and I get by with it.

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Chilli Honey Roast Potato Wedges

I could say it’s a party favourite, but I won’t. Simply because I made these for my vegetarian friend, and it wasn’t a party. It was finger food for while watching a movie, before we all dropped one by one and slipped into deep slumber. These wedges are spicy with a hint of honey for balance. You can add whatever you’d like if spicy isn’t your thing. You can make them lemony, cheesy, loaded with herbs, peppery, or just plain with some salt.



3 whole potatoes, cut into wedges

Generous sprinkling of spicy condiments

Chilli oil and olive oil to drizzle over

3 tbsp honey

Fresh herbs (for after the baking)

Dried herbs (during baking)

Salt to taste

Toss wedges in the spices, salt and herbs.

Drizzle chilli and olive oil and mix well.

Bake in pre-heated oven for 40 mins.

Drizzle the honey over wedges.

If you have fresh herbs, sprinkle them after the wedges are out of the oven.

Serve with a mayo or creamy dip, or even just ketchup!
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